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Discontinued Out-of-Warranty Lighter Models

This section features all Prometheus lighters whose production has been discontinued. The Prometheus Limited Warranty covers the discontinued lighter models for 2 years from the official discontinuation date.  The official discontinuation date is listed in the below sections of our web site.

Discontinued Jet Turbo Lighters

Discontinued Soft Flame Piezo Lighters

Discontinued Soft Flame Flint Lighters

Prometheus Service Center will repair your discontinued, out-of-warranty Prometheus lighter for $25.00 if it can be repaired. Please enclose a check or money order of $25.00 in sending your discontinued, out-of-warranty Prometheus lighter. However, Prometheus Service Center reserves its right to charge additional amount. Upon receiving your lighter, Prometheus Service Center will contact you if any additional repair charge is required. If we cannot repair your lighter, we will send it back to you with your payment. Please use the below form to send your discontinued, out-of-warranty lighter to Prometheus Service Center.

Repair Return Form for Lighters without the Warranty (PDF)



Michael Crupi with his Prometheus Neptune
Prometheus Neptune
In 1996, the cigar boom was in full swing. Clinton was president, Schwarzenegger graced the cover of Cigar Aficionado, and President John F. Kennedy's humidor was sold at Sotheby's auction for a record $575,000. That same year, I made my way into a cigar shop in Southern California, purchasing Prometheus Neptune, my first premium cigar lighter. Over the years, the lighter has seen some rough times, being passed around at many poker tables and cigar events.  My Prometheus Neptune performed flawlessly for 14 years. A friend of mine once referred to his hot cup of coffee as a "familiar old friend".  Indeed, this old lighter felt familiar like an old friend. Last year, I had to send my old friend to Prometheus Service Center for repair.

The lighter was so old that there were no photos available on the Prometheus web site for its discontinued models. To be completely honest, when I sent the lighter back to Prometheus Service Center, I had no expectation of getting it back because of its age. But my Prometheus Neptune was not only repaired but also restored to its former glory.  It performed just like when I first purchased it 14 years ago.

When I fired it after getting it back, I felt like I was standing in that cigar shop 14 years ago, testing it for the first time. I would like to express my great appreciation for returning my old friend, which has served me so well over the years. Maybe, someday, this old Prometheus lighter will sell at Sotheby's auction for $575,000. You never know.

Michael Crupi, who is a financial advisor (www.thetrustpros.com), also serves as an Ambassador for The Cigar Rights of America (www.cigarrights.org), and publishes Crupi's Corner (www.crupiscorner.com), a men's interest blog where he reviews, among other things, cigars.

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