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Quick Maintenance Guide for Soft Flame Piezo

Please try the following maintenance tips before sending your Soft Flame Piezo lighter for the warranty repair service.  The majority of the times, the main problems are the nozzle being clogged with ashes or impurities from unrefined butane and air in the tank.

1. Clean the flame nozzle with compressed air.

If the flame of your lighter gets low or does not come up even though the gas tank is full and the flame height adjuster is set at a proper level , clean the flame hole with compressed air such as air duster can sold at computer stores in order to remove any fallen dust or cigar/cigarette ash from the flame hole.  Do this at least once a week or any time that you need to refill the lighter.  Depending on how much air you use to clean the nozzle, you might have to bleed some of the air out by pressing down on the refill nozzle or clicking the lighter a few times.    

The number one cause for the malfunction of the lighter is the clogging of the flame hole where the flame comes out.  Please make sure that you do not carry your lighter in a dirty pocket.  Also, when you light your cigar or cigarette, please do not put them into the burning flame in order to prevent the ashes from falling into the flame hole of your lighter and clogging it up.  In lighting your cigarette, light it with the top tip of the flame.  For your cigar, please put your cigar one inch away from the flame hole. The best way to light your cigar is to light it with the heat from the flame but not with the flame itself so that you will not scorch the cigar wrapper. 

Clean the flame hole once a week with compressed air such as air duster can sold at computer stores in order to prevent your lighter from clogging up.
Air Can

2. Try draining air out of the gas tank before refilling.
When refilling the lighter, please take air out of the gas tank by pressing the down on the refill inlet valve with a small screw driver or pen before injecting butane gas. You will hear a hissing sound when air is bled out of the gas tank. If the empty gas tank is filled with air, you will not be able to effectively refill the gas tank with butane gas.  Let the lighter sit for a few minute so the gas can reach room temperature.  Set the gas to medium before lighting. 

3. Please use double-refined butane gas when you refill your Prometheus lighter.
Butane gas refill cartridge sold at convenience stores are known for their impurity and clog up the lighter. We highly recommend that you use double-refined butane gas such as Prometheus butane gas refill cartridge for the best performance of your lighter. Prometheus double-refined refill cartridge are sold at the finest tobacco shops worldwide. If you cannot find any tobacco shops near you who sell Prometheus double-refined, butane gas, please contact us to directly order from us. 

After trying the above three maintenance tips, if your lighter still does not work properly, please return it to Prometheus Service Center according to our warranty policy.

Prometheus Limited Warranty and Repair Service

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