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Quick Maintenance Guide for Torch Flame Lighters

The Torch flame Lighters have become the ultimate lighting instrument for many cigar smokers worldwide. Here are the quick maintenance tips for how to maintain the torch flame lighters on your own. Using these simple maintenance tips, you will be able to trouble-shoot most of the lighter problems, and do not inconvenience yourself with sending your lighter to Prometheus Service Center.

I. The number one cause for the malfunction of the lighter is the clogged flame holes where the flame comes up. When you light your cigars or cigarettes, do not put them into the burning flame in order to prevent the ashes from falling into the flame holes of the lighter. If the flame holes are clogged, blow the compressed air into them in order to clean up the clogged flame holes. The compressed air can be purchased at computer stores.

The picture on the left side shows what happens to the lighter when cigarretes or cigars are lighted too close to the flame holes.  The falling ashes clog up the flame holes of the lighter.
Properly Maintained
Clogged Flame Holes
Air Can
In lighting cigar or cigareete, light it with the top of the flame.  Put your cigar one inch away from the flame hole.  The best way to light your cigar is to light it with the heat from the flame but not with the flame itself so you will not scorch the cigar wrapper.
Too Close To Flame
One Inch Away From Flame

II. The second most common cause of the lighter malfunction is the misalignment of the electronic piezo wire. The electronic piezo shoots out an electronic spark via its wire. When this electronic spark is shot directly to the upcoming butane gas, the flame is ignited. After the lighter is dropped to the ground many times or used for an extensive period of time, the position of the electronic piezo wire sometimes moves and becomes misaligned. When this happens, the electronic spark will not be shot directly to the center flame hole where the butane gas comes up and the flame will not be ignited.  

Click the ignition button and watch which direction the electronic spark is going. If the spark is not going straight to the
center flame hole as the RED ARROW direction above, use a ballpoint pen or a small screwdriver to GENTLY and CAREFULLY nudge the wire so that the electronic spark is going to the right direction.

If the Spark is not striking the flame hole even after adjusting the wire position, the electronic piezo of your lighter might have to be replaced and you will have to send your lighter to Prometheus Service Center for the warranty repair service.

III. If the flame of your Torch Flame lighter comes up low or does not come up at all, try adjusting the stopper setting. After you use Prometheus Torch Flame lighters for a certain period of time, the flame height might get shorter than your desired level or the flame will not come up any more even though you fill up the gas tank and turn up the flame height adjuster all the way to the maximum. This happens when the pressure of the gas tank drops. In this situation, do not try to turn the adjuster beyond the preset maximum level. If you force the adjuster to turn, you will damage the built-in stopper and your lighter will malfunction. Instead, open up the bottom of the lighter and take out Rubber O-Ring and Stopper. After this, adjust the flame height to your desired level and then, put Stopper, O-Ring and Outer Case back together. Turn the flame height adjuster by a quarter turn at a time until it reaches your desired level. Be extremely cautious about the flame shooting up too high and do not turn the adjuster more than a quarter turn at a time. Hold away from your face while lighting.

1. Unscrew the screw which
holds the outer case to the tank.
2. Pull out the case from the lighter.
3. Remove the O-Ring from the Flame Height Adjuster.
4. Remove the Stopper below
the O-Ring.
5. Turn the Flame Adjuster a quarter turn at a time to the desired level.
6. Check the flame height before you put Stopper, O-Ring and Outer Case back together.

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