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Prometheus Lighter Construction

All of the Prometheus lighters use butane gas for clean burning. The lighters, which use oil fluid, generate such an unpleasant gasoline odor upon ignition, and will kill the taste and aroma of your favorite cigar. For the traditionalists who would like to use wooden matches to light their cigars, we would like to assure them that the clean burning of Prometheus lighters, which use finely refined Prometheus butane gas, will preserve the purity of tobacco.
We pride ourselves in that our Prometheus lighters are built to last. They are not disposable products. No matter how many years you have used them, please send them to Prometheus Service Center if you would like us to perform repair work.
Click the below links for more information on the construction of the three types of Prometheus lighters.


Triple Torch Flame
Single Torch Flame
Soft Flame Piezo
Soft Flame Flint


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