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Prometheus Lighter Maintenance

Prometheus offers a full collection of accessories for cigar lovers: ashtrays, cutters, humidors, leather cases, lighters, and more.  Our sister company, God of Fire, Inc., even offers cigars: Angelenos, Fuente Aged Selection, God of Fire, and Sencillo.  However, in 1992, we started out as a lighter company and the lighter segment of our business has a very special place in our heart.  The history of Prometheus lighters represents cutting-edge designs and groundbreaking innovations.  We pride ourselves in that our Prometheus lighters are built to last and can be repaired. They are not disposable products. No matter how many years you have used them, please send them to Prometheus Service Center if you would like us to perform repair work.
Almost 19 years have passed since the inception of the Prometheus brand. But everyone at Prometheus is still very passionate about making lighters and excited about continuing our tradition of innovation and creative design.
In the below, we would like to share the happy experience of two of our Prometheus users.
Prometheus repairs an "Old Friend".

My sister, Deborah Holland, very kindly gave me the Prometheus Predator lighter as a 30th birthday gift 15 years ago. It was purchased from a small tobacconist in Marietta, Georgia in the USA, and has travelled with me around the USA, UK and France. It has been excellent for toasting cigars and lighting the odd tobacco pipe. I have also used it for de-frosting padlocks during the English Winter!

After many years of use the gas tank required some maintenance, and I contacted the Prometheus Service Centre. Wow! Brilliant customer service where I was kept informed and very promptly shipped the replacement part along with email instructions on how to fit it. It is now good as new and ready for many more years of cigar lighting.

Andrew Simmons works for a charity called The Furniture Recycling Project in Gloucestershire, UK (www.frpglos.org.uk). The Furniture Recycling Projects collects donated items and re-distribute them for people on a low income.
It performed just like when I first purchased it in 1996.

In 1996, the cigar boom was in full swing. Clinton was president, Schwarzenegger graced the cover of Cigar Aficionado, and President John F. Kennedy's humidor was sold at a Sotheby's auction for a record $575,000. That same year, I made my way into a cigar shop in Southern California and purchased Prometheus Neptune, my first premium cigar lighter. Over the years, the lighter has seen some rough times, being passed around at many poker tables and cigar events.  However, my Prometheus Neptune performed flawlessly for 14 years and had become my familiar old friend. Last year, it finally stopped working and I had to bring my old friend back to life.

First, I was not sure whether Prometheus would repair a 14-year old lighter, but pleasantly surprised to find in the Prometheus web site that it repairs its discontinued, out-of-warranty models. To be completely honest, when I sent the lighter to Prometheus Service Center, I had no expectation of getting it back because of its age. But my Prometheus Neptune was repaired and restored to its former glory. It performed just like when I first purchased it in 1996.

When I fired it after getting it back, I felt like I was standing in that cigar shop 14 years ago, testing it for the first time. I would like to express my great appreciation for taking care of my old friend, which has served me so well over the years. Maybe, someday, this old Prometheus lighter will sell at a Sotheby's auction for $575,000. You never know.

Michael Crupi is a financial planner residing in Southern California.
After 8 years, this Prometheus lighter is still going strong and it can even be repaired.

When Wayne Sanders received a Prometheus Legend lighter 8 years ago as a gift from his employees, he never realized how much he would come to love it or still be using it a decade later. "Up until then the only lighter I'd ever used was a Bic," he said. "I don't know that I would have bought myself a lighter as expensive as the Legend, but now I could never go back."

"The flame's so powerful you can weld with it," he continued. "You can be in a hurricane or in a desert and it still lights your cigar. That's important to me. You can pay $20 for a cigar and it's all wasted if you don't get a good light."

Sanders found that unlike the inexpensive lighters he'd been using, his Legend could be serviced at a local dealer. Eight years later, with just a bit of occasional maintenance, it was still working. Finally, though, it seemed his favorite lighter's service was at an end.

"A local repairman told me 'Your lighter is toast,'" he said. "But it occurred to me that most premium products can be serviced. So I contacted Prometheus to see if they could fix it, and they said, 'Sure, just send the lighter.'" A few weeks later, his repaired lighter was back on the golf course with him, working just like new.

Sanders, the owner of Coaches Choice (www.coacheschoiceonline.com), a sports and corporate apparel company in Fargo, North Dakota, is glad to have his Legend back: "Whether it's golf or deer hunting or whatever, that lighter has always been a highlight for the group. My buddies are always asking to use it."

It's so great to have my favorite lighter back and working like new.

I have two Prometheus lighters (Churchill and Sledge S), both given to me by my wife five years ago. I love using these lighters because they work so well, and of course have great sentimental value as well.

Recently, my Sledge S stopped working. I didn't want to throw away something I cherish so much. That's why I was so happy to find out that Prometheus lighters can be repaired and that Prometheus Service Center was willing to repair them!

It's so great to have my favorite lighter back and working like new.

I believe very much in the sentiment that we live in a disposable world full of "things." Perhaps, it is our fault as consumers. We constantly push for the latest, cheapest, and newest thing out with no regard for quality or even need. Obviously, this practice isn't ecologically sound, and I think it saps a little bit of our souls, too.

It is getting harder and harder to find people who can appreciate true craftsmanship. I've always believed that you do not have to understand art to appreciate it and this concept carries over to quality of work as well as materials. When you can feel the love that was put into something, it is no longer disposable.

Thank you very much for fixing my lighter and making such a well-crafted, quality product!

Stan Kaplan
Los Angeles, California
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