Prometheus Humidifiers and Special Care Solution


Optima Humidifier (H-Optima/BK)

Made in France
Capacity: up to 100 cigars
It comes with magnetic attachment plates.
Dimension: 6.5 inch x 2.6 x 1.1 (165 mm x 66 x 28)
MSRP $75.00


INSTRUCTION FOR PROMETHEUS OPTIMA HUMIDIFIER: Do not open the sealed plastic bag until it is ready to be used. Prometheus Optima Humidifier has been pretreated with our special care solution. By opening the sealed bag and exposing it to dry air, you will reduce the effectiveness of the Optima humidifier. Pour distilled water through the slots in the front face rather than the holes in the backside. When it is fully loaded with distilled water, it should weigh approximately 0.50 LBS (0.23 KG). If you are not going to use your Prometheus Optima Humidifier for a period of time, keep it in a sealed zip lock bag in order to prevent its tensioactive substances from evaporating. Treat the Optima Humidifier with Prometheus Special Care Solution every six months.  DETAILED INSTRUCTION MANUAL

Optima Travel Humidifier

Made in France
Capacity: 10 cigars
It comes with magnetic attachment plate.
Dimension: 2 inch x 2 x 0.5 (51 mm x 51 x 13)
MSRP $25.00

Special Care Solution

Made in France
100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz.
MSRP $17.50  

This solution regenerates the tensioactive substances of your Prometheus Optima Humidifier.

Every six months, refill your Prometheus Optima Humidifier with a half bottle of Prometheus Special Care Solution to ensure its efficiency and longevity.

Keep it away from heat and sunlight.

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