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2016 Limited Edition OpusX Story by Prometheus


The 2016 Limited Edition OpusX Story Humidors by Prometheus

75 Limited Edition OpusX Story Humidors are produced by Prometheus:

       8 Blue Sycamore
       8 Yellow Sycamore
     17 Red Sycamore
     17 Macassar Ebony
     25 Walnut Burl
Each humidor is serial-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Made in France.
Four complementary Prometheus Optima Humidifiers and Digital Hygrometers/Thermometers included.
Storage Capacity: 360 cigars   
Dimensions: 15 inch Wide x 13 Deep x 20 Tall (380 mm x 330 x 512) 
The humidors come with:

      20 Years of Fuente Fuente OpusX: An Interview with Carlos "Carlito" Fuente Jr.

The above book is autographed by Carlos "Carlito" Fuente, Jr. Also, each humidor comes with 100 rare vintage Fuente Aged Selection cigars.  These 100 cigars are packaged in two separate boxes.  Each box contains the following 50 cigars:

     10 Fuente Fuente Forbidden X, Double Corona
     10 Fuente Fuente OpusX, Tiger Shark
     10 Fuente Fuente OpusX, King Power
       5 Fuente Fuente OpusX, Tauros the Bull
       5 Fuente Fuente OpusX, Oro Oscuro Robusto
       5 Angel's Share, Corona Gorda
       5 Don Arturo Gran AniverXario, My Love Story

MSRP $10,000.00 in 2016  

In order to read the instructon on how to clean and humidify the OpusX Story humidors, please click the following link: INSTRUCTION ON HOW TO CLEAN AND HUMIDIFY

FFOX Tiger Shark (left), FFOX Tauros the Bull, FFOX King Power, FFOX Oro Oscuro Robusto, Don Arturo AniverXario My Love Story, Angel's Share Corona Gorda, Fuente Fuente Forbidden X Double Corona  
Blue Sycamore (H-LE/2016-FB), Release Quantity: 8

Cleaning Instruction for Prometheus Humidors

In order to clean the outside surface of the Prometheus Humidors, please use clean cotton towel and rubbing alcohol. First, remove any dust on your humidor gently so that the surface will not get scratched. After this, wet your towel with rubbing alcohol, and wipe the outside surface gently to remove finger prints or any other stain.

In order to clean the inside veneer, use fine sandpaper to remove any stain. Please make sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain. Sanding against the grain leaves scratches.

How to Humidify the OpusX Story produced by Prometheus

1) Prometheus Optima humidifiers have been pretreated with our special care solution. Do not open the sealed plastic bag until they are ready to be used. Open the sealed plastic bag and apply distilled water to Prometheus Optima Humidifiers by pouring distilled water through the front side. Or, you can pour distilled water in a container and soak the Optima humidifiers. We recommend soaking the Optima humidifiers in the container. Dry off the excess water, and put the Optima humidifiers in the drawers. NOTE: DO NOT APPLY DISTILLED WATER DIRECTLY TO THE DRAWERS OR DOORS. THE DIRECT CONTACT WITH WATER WILL MAKE THEM SWELL UP AND WARP.

2) There are four complementary digital hygrometers/thermometers. Attach the hygrometers in the drawers. The magnets are preinstalled on the drawers.

3) Monitor the humidity level daily. The humidity level should go up to 70% within 5 days.

4) Once the humidity reaches 70%, you will need only two humidifiers. Remove the humidifiers in the first and third drawers from the top, and keep them in zip lock bags so that the inside foams will not dry up. For any reason, if you are not going to use your humidor for a period of time, keep the Optima humidifiers in a zip lock bag. Otherwise, the inside foam will dry up and not soak up distilled water effectively.

5) You will notice that the humidity level for the bottom two drawers is lower than the top two drawers. Keep the cigars, which you would like to smoke drier, in the bottom two drawers.

6) If any drawer slides in and out tight, please take it out of the humidor and leave it in the open air so that the wood can dry up. The excessive humidity will make the wood to swell up, and the opening and closing of the drawer will be tight. After a day, put the drawer back in. If the drawer still slides in and out tight, leave the drawer out for another day. Repeat this until the drawer slides in and out smoothly.

7) If the humidity drops, please apply distilled water to the Prometheus Optima humidifiers. We recommend applying distilled water to the Optima humidifiers once a month.

Four complementary Prometheus Optima Humidifiers (Made in France)
and Digital Hygrometers/Thermometers are included.
In order to provide the great seal for humidity, each drawer is installed with rubber strip on the bottom.
Yellow Sycamore (H-LE/2016-FY), Release Quantity: 8
Red Sycamore (H-LE/2016-FR), Release Quantity: 17
Macassar (H-LE/2016-FM), Release Quantity: 17
Walnut (H-LE/2016-FW), Release Quantity: 25
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