Lighter Travel Case
A p p r o v e d   b y   D e p a r t m e n t   o f   T r a n s p o r t a t i o n   (DOT-SP 14415)

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that starting August 4, 2007, it would "no longer ban common lighters (soft flame piezo and flint lighters) in carry-on luggage." However, torch lighters still "remain banned in carry-ons" and also "common lighters with fuel cannot be packed in checked baggage."
However, you can put your torch and common lighters (soft flame piezo and flint lighters) with fuel in Prometheus Travel Case, and pack them in your checked baggage to travel with them in commercial aircraft operating in the United States.
The U.S. Department of Transportation ( has granted Prometheus with Special Permit DOT-SP 14415 for its Lighter Travel Case.  You can put one flammable gas fueled lighter including torch lighter or one liquid (oil fluid) metal lighter such as Zippo in Prometheus Travel Case, and pack it in your checked baggage
. You can pack a maximum of two Prometheus Lighter Travel Cases per your checked baggage.
L i g h t e r   T r a v e l   C a s e

C r u s h p r o o f,   A i r t i g h t   a n d   W a t e r p r o o f   u p   t o   1 0 0   f e e t

M a d e   w i t h   A B S   p l a s t i c   r e i n f o r c e d   w i t h   f i b e r g l a s s

Dimensions: 4.8 inch x 3.7 x 1.7 (122 mm x 94 x 43)

MSRP: $30.00 
We are currently out of stock with Prometheus Lighter Travel Case.  As soon as the item is back in stock, we will notify you.

Lighter in this package conforms to DOT-SP 14415
and may be transported in checked baggage by
domestic passenger aircraft.


1) Can any brands of lighters go inside of Prometheus Travel Case?

The following lighters can go inside of Prometheus Travel Case:

All Prometheus lighters
All other butane gas lighters assigned with Lighter Certificate Number
All liquid (oil fluid) metal lighters such as Zippo lighter

In order to transport any butane gas lighters commercially, manufacturers, importers or distributors must submit their lighters to a testing laboratory authorized by Department of Transportation and receive Lighter Certificate Number for each of their lighters.
2) How many lighters can be packed in my checked baggage?

One lighter per Prometheus Travel Case and two Prometheus Travel Cases per checked baggage (maximum of two lighters per checked baggage).

Prometheus Travel Case must be packed in checked baggage.   You cannot carry your lighter in Prometheus Travel Case on board an aircraft.

Do not remove foam inserts inside Prometheus Travel Case.

Do not change or modify Prometheus Travel Case.
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