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Prometheus offers a complete collection of accessories for cigar lovers: ashtrays, cutters, humidors, leather cases, lighters, and more. Our sister company, God of Fire, Inc., offers premium cigars: Angelenos, Sencillo, God of Fire, and Fuente Aged Selection. However, in 1992, we started out as a lighter company, and the lighter segment of our business has a very special place in our heart.
The history of Prometheus lighters represents cutting-edge designs and groundbreaking innovations. We pride ourselves in that our Prometheus lighters are built to last and can be repaired. They are not disposable products but timeless classics. 25 years have passed since the inception of the Prometheus brand. But everyone at Prometheus is still very passionate about making lighters and excited about continuing our tradition of innovation and creative designs.

"For 25 years, Prometheus and Gof of Fire have provided a new spark in the cigar accessory and premium cigar industries.Prometheus 25th Anniversary article by Tobacconist Magazine, July/August 2017

Apollo, 1994
Neptune, 1994
Renoma, 1994
Victor, 1994
Cyber, 1995
Space, 1996
Esplendido, 1997
Robusto, 1997
Solar, 1997
Invader, 1998
Jupiter, 1998
Legend X, 1999
Magma, 1999
Trojan, 2000
Tycoon X, 2000
Xenon, 2001
Saturn S, 2001
Liquid, 2002
Hammer X, 2003
Sledge S, 2003
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